Illustration / Poster Design.

\\Alice Through The Looking Glass

For this project I had to demonstrate my skills with Photoshop, the goal was to produce a movie poster the size of a bus inclosure display of a movie that was to come or that had already come out. Above you can see a gif of the process.


This was a self project that's soul prupose was to try different lighting techniques. I used photoshop and illustrator to create this illustrative piece that plays with the subject of bathophobia (Fear of depths).

\\Moon Child

This was another self project playing with lighting as well as monochramitic schemes. The moon being one the things I absolutly love I chose to go with such theme. I had played with many different monochromatic colour schemes but none of them fit quite as well as purple.


\\The Fox and The Butterfly

This motion piece was a final project for my second year college motion class, with a free choice of what we wanted to create. We had learnt how to create most of our content with After Effects but this time I decided to create a keyframe animation using photoshop. Using the tools I had at my disposal I created this 15 second animation piece.